The CONFEDERATION FOR SERVICES MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL , CFSMI, consists of Associations and Companies and Institutions whose activities are devoted to the development And promotion of:

Knowledge Intensive Services Management and Research within the global Technology Service Industry.

Art. 2. The aim of the Confederation is as follows:

  • to contribute directly to the development of professional relations and of the exchange of ideas, data, benchmarks and knowledge between Service Management Organizations and Associations of all countries, freely and with mutual respect;
  • to facilitate relations between Service Management Organizations and Associations of different countries whenever it is useful or necessary to have recourse to European and international cooperation;
  • foster contacts between institutions, associations and periodical publications devoted to Service Management;
  • to collect documentation which helps the development and organization of Service Management studies. Members of the federated associations will have access to the archives so created;
  • to contribute financially to the formation, development and maintenance of these Service Management archives;
  • to undertake, whenever needed, and by means of extraordinary grants, any other tasks the accomplishment of which will further Service Management activities at European and an international levels;
  • to sponsor every year (in the normal course of events) a European Technology Service Congress (TSE) and to promote other smaller conferences and meetings of a European and an international character in diverse parts of the world.